Group 1: Ayr past

Group 2: Ayrshire past

Group 3: Ayr present

Group 4: The City of Adelaide

Group 5: Kilmorie stone

1. Scenes from years past: 

High Street 03High Street 04High Street 06High Street 07High Street 08High Street 17High Street 22High Street 27High Street 30

2. If you have known Ayrshire over the years, you’ll probably recognise some or all of the scenes here:


3. Ayr present:


4. The City of Adelaide

When she was the Carrick, RNVR clubhouse in Glasgow.

A quarter of a million South Australians trace their origins to passengers who travelled on the clipper.


In 2014 she left Irvine and set off for Australia.
On her way she was renamed The City of Adelaide by the Duke of Edinburgh in London.


Her departure was a day for fun and celebrations at Irvine Harbour.


5. Kilmorie Stone

Kilmorie Stone_2Kilmorie Stone_3Kilmorie Stone_4Kilmorie Stone_5

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