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AANHS Publications:

The Society publishes monographs with an Ayrshire theme usually once/twice a year. These are paperbacks with an illustrated cover usually in colour. The following titles are available from bookshops or directly from –

Ian Holland, 41 East Park Road, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA8 9JF

Ian Holland,  email:

Prices per copy and include postage (UK)
Foreign orders will be charged at cost.
Please make cheques payable to:
Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society’.

Armstrong’s Map of Ayrshire 1775 (reprint 6 sheets) £12.00

Antiquities of Ayrshire by Grose (edited by Strawhorn revised 2010) £4.00

11 Robert Adam in Ayrshire (Sanderson) revised 2010 £4.00

13 Tolls and Tacksmen (McClure) £1.50

20 Historic Ayr: A Guide for Visitors 2nd edition £2.50

30 The Early Transatlantic Trade of Ayr 1640-1730 (Barclay & Graham) 104 pages £4.50

33 Dr John Taylor, Chartist: Ayrshire Revolutionary (Fraser) 112 pages £4.00

35 The Masters of Ballantrae (Hunter) 30 pages £4.00

37 Historic Troon and Its Surroundings 40 pages £3.00

38 Excavations in Ayr 1984-1987 (Perry) 140 pages £9.99

39 The Church Buildings of Ayrshire (Hume) 94 pages £7.50

41 Mining and Quarrying in Stevenston (McLatchie) 210 pages £9.50

42 The Battle of Largs (Cowan) 95 pages £8.00

43-45 Ayrshire Collections – 128 pages £7.50:

1. Ayr Jails by Jane Jamieson

2. Kilwinning Revisited by Margaret H B Sanderson

3. A Bonnie Lass by Petra Baillie

46 Historic Mauchline, Ochiltree, Catrine and their Surroundings: a Guide for Visitors (Close) £6.00

47 Watermills of Arran (Weir) £6.00

48 Oculeus: The Musings of a Liberal Victorian in Ayr (O’Hara) £8.00

49 Ayrshire Castles from Kings to Covenanters £10.00

50 John McCosh of Kirkmichael: Surgeon, Photographer and Philanthropist £6.00

Historic Mauchline


Containing: Ayr Jails by Jane Jamieson,
Killwinning Revisited by Margaret H. B. Sanderson
and A Bonnie Lass and the Heroine of a Nation by Petra Baillie


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