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AANHS Publications:

The Society publishes monographs with an Ayrshire theme usually once/twice a year. These are paperbacks with an illustrated cover usually in colour. The following titles are available from bookshops or directly from –

Ian Holland, 41 East Park Road, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA8 9JF

Ian Holland,  email:

Prices per copy and include postage (UK)
Foreign orders will be charged at cost.
Please make cheques payable to:
Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society’.

Armstrong’s Map of Ayrshire 1775 (reprint 6 sheets) £12.00

Antiquities of Ayrshire by Grose (edited by Strawhorn revised 2010) £4.00

11 Robert Adam in Ayrshire (Sanderson) revised 2010 £4.00

13 Tolls and Tacksmen (McClure) £1.50

20 Historic Ayr: A Guide for Visitors 2nd edition £2.50

30 The Early Transatlantic Trade of Ayr 1640-1730 (Barclay & Graham) 104 pages £4.50

33 Dr John Taylor, Chartist: Ayrshire Revolutionary (Fraser) 112 pages £4.00

35 The Masters of Ballantrae (Hunter) 30 pages £4.00

37 Historic Troon and Its Surroundings 40 pages £3.00

38 Excavations in Ayr 1984-1987 (Perry) 140 pages £9.99

39 The Church Buildings of Ayrshire (Hume) 94 pages £7.50

41 Mining and Quarrying in Stevenston (McLatchie) 210 pages £9.50

42 The Battle of Largs (Cowan) 95 pages £8.00

43-45 Ayrshire Collections – 128 pages £7.50:

1. Ayr Jails by Jane Jamieson

2. Kilwinning Revisited by Margaret H B Sanderson

3. A Bonnie Lass by Petra Baillie

46 Historic Mauchline, Ochiltree, Catrine and their Surroundings: a Guide for Visitors (Close) £6.00

47 Watermills of Arran (Weir) £6.00

48 Oculeus: The Musings of a Liberal Victorian in Ayr (O’Hara) £8.00

49 Ayrshire Castles from Kings to Covenanters £10.00

50 John McCosh of Kirkmichael: Surgeon, Photographer and Philanthropist £6.00

Historic Mauchline


Containing: Ayr Jails by Jane Jamieson,
Killwinning Revisited by Margaret H. B. Sanderson
and A Bonnie Lass and the Heroine of a Nation by Petra Baillie


Other Recommended Books:

Alex McLatchie has been researching the story of the mining disaster at the No. 4 pit at Auchenharvie Colliery, Stevenston, for many years. The disaster, which took place in August 1895, resulted in the death of nine miners, of which four were brothers. Others trapped in the mine had to be rescued, and McLatchie’s investigations have resulted in a detailed account of the whole incident. The book also gives some important information on mining in Stevenston, particularly in the Auchenharvie pits, prior to the disaster. All aspects of the disaster are considered, from the endeavour, perseverance and courage exhibited by the rescuers, to the resilience and generosity of the local community. McLatchie includes much research into the cause of the disaster, as well as personal accounts f those involved in the incident. The book makes an important contribution to the mining heritage of Stevenston, and adds to McLatchie’s earlier work, Mining and Quarrying in Stevenston. The book, which has been produced as a paperback and extends to 148 pages, is available from the author at 8 Skye Place, Stevenston, Ayrshire, KA20 3DG. The cost is £12.50 which includes £2.50 postage and packing.

Alex McLatchie’s email address is

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